screenshot from blood drive :3c




one of the most beautiful sailor moons there

a pic from otakon! thank you ^.^


Ancient Egyptian funerary art found in the tombs and funerary temples of Thebes, Egypt.

Right, so this chapter.

There was so much noise made about the infinite tsukiyomi, and it lasted for what, 15 chapters? And we only got to see the effects for one? This was a complete mess. 

Maybe Madara will do something. Please do something. 

Kaguya… her line about ‘being defeated again’ despite being the amazing overlord bitch of chakra felt so empty. She barely left a presence in the first place, was introduced way too late in the story for us to give a shit about her, was given instruction the entire time by her dependent, annoyingly momma’s boy son (thank you, Naruto, for whoolopping the shit out of him) and didn’t seem to be able to think independently, and we’re supposed to believe that her power was worth something?

She was so stupid. Award for worst plot device ever. Because that is all she was, and a poor one at that that absolutely no place in this story. 

I’m glad Hagoromo thanked everyone for saving the world, not just Naruto and Sasuke exclusively. Despite how it looked, this really was a group effort. 

Other than Sakura cutely calling Sasuke’s name, there was no other Sasusaku moment. The panel of her smiling with the elipses was not her thinking/looking at Sasuke, it was the ‘…’ moment after her initial joy at the world being saved, that awkward, sudden realization that they had no way out of that dimension. 

That is all it was. 

Glad Kaguya is gone.

So fucking glad. 


new sketches ~

Tsunade is only in her early 50’s. There is no reason why she should look like she’s pushing 80.

I could understand if it had to do with her seal speeding up her life whenever it was used, but it never explicitly says this from what I recall. Why the hell does she look so old. Jiraiya and Orochimaru don’t look nearly as old as that.

Can we just take a moment to fully appreciate this photoshoot? 

The amount of reaching I have seen this chapter is embarrassing

The only kind of cute moment was Sakura calling sasukes name

What’s with all the staring analysis

i have things to say about thsi chapter and i cant cuz im at work god dammit


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the buffy episode where her mom dies was the saddest and creepiest episode i have ever seen on this show

legit tears, and this rarely happens.


sad as shit

they all did amazing

Ayushiki moments in blood drive part 8/8 (FINAL)


Deeply Apologize! There’s actually one more scene of Ayushiki 

after the previous part! I missed this part! Found out about it after 

I checked the playthrough again! 

And also thanks to nin10docat for telling! Thank you <3 


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Is Yoshiki is a real blonde or fake blonde?? Can someone please explain this. I was reading corpse party: musume and I saw a black haired kishinuma (and also he was wearing glasses he was similar to morishige) And I watched the intro of corpse party 2: dead patient I saw Ayumi and black haired guy , I think he is Yoshiki, and my friend said Yoshiki wasn’t blond in the first game of corpse party.


his hair was bleached

As much as I enjoy Buffy’s relationship with Angel and Spike how come I have never heard of Riley??? He is adorable and their relationship is kind of amazing?? Perfectly healthy and balanced??? Wtf???

I just don’t know why he’s not part of this whole shippy war and I hope to god it’s not because he dies later or something.