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 Will Daryl ever find love?
 I would say Daryl has already found familial love. If you’re talking romantic love…I’m gonna say I think so. 

Will we ever find out what happened to Beth in season 5?
 Absolutely. Absolutely.

Is there gonna be another romance apart from Glenn and Maggie in season 5?
 You know what? I’m gonna say yes.

OMG OMG ! My Bethyl heart!

Naruto 673
Gaara: Naruto...when you become Hokage...let's get hella turnt.
Naruto: Bitchin'.






easy there henry

whos henry what thef uck?

*faint laughter from Britian*

ambieheartsturtlep0rn asked: I'm seriously hoping Obito tells Sakura about how the Uchiha's descend into darkness and the truth behind the Uchiha massacre but I'm still wondering what that would do. Sakura still loves him despite knowing the truth and knowing the truth would only make her trust him more (that fake smile on the battlefield) since her love for him has never shaken. I guess what I'm wondering is what good would it would do to trust him, besides "relationships need trust!!1!!".

I’m seriously thinking that this is how it’s going to happen. It’s the perfect opportunity to. But we all saw that Sakura still sees Sasuke as this dark person, essentially she sees him AS he is but the problem is she doesn’t know why he took such a turn. She’s under no illusions about him, but not knowing why is what makes her unsure, hence the fake smile and all that jazz. What knowing that truth of the massacre would do for her is give her some answers to questions I’m sure she has been asking herself constantly, like ‘why has Sasuke fallen so low? How could he actually go through with trying to kill his friends? Why would he fatally wound a teammate? What is wrong with him?’ Getting those answers don’t exactly excuse his actions, but it gives them sense. I think from then on, if Sakura learns the truth, she’ll be able to take a solid stance of being on his side so long as he keeps up his act up.

Anonymous asked: regarding sasuke not thanking taka/karin the NS/SK camp is claiming that "all the touching moments will happen AFTER the war hello there's a battle going on they don't have time" which is really funny considering they (mostly NS fans) were all "WHY DIDN'T SASUKE APOLOGIZE TO SAKURA WHEN THEY MET ON THE BATTLEFIELD HUH???" *rolls eyes*

Lmao. Naturally. And Obviously Kishi has no problem inserting hand holds and lingering gazes and uplifting speeches ala naruhina so that whole ‘there’s a war going on’ isn’t a good reason. 



One of my biggest beefs with many of the characters in this manga, is that once a “bad guy” turns over a leaf, the “good guys” tend to forget all the shit that they’ve done —the greatest example of this is probably with Sasuke and Itachi. But look at Sakura here,…

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Karin being an Uzumaki is important.

Karin unlocking the chakra chains will be relevant.

Karin is going to heal Sasukeh.

Karin is gonna hug Sasukeh like SS wave arc and he’s gonna accept it like SS hospital scene.

Karin, I mean, Taka is Sasuke’s true family, so he’ll be by their side like…

It’s to the point where I just feel bad now. Like damn Sasuke. Daaaaaamn.


i like the transplanting idea. im also keen on obito possibly saying he’s the cause of sasuke’s descent in madness, but eh.

Okay so the gears are turning in my head now. I don’t know HOW the convo could lead into Obito mentioning royally fucking with Sasuke’s head, but I suppose he could go off on a tangent about the horrible things he’s done, Sasuke’s situation and the curse of hatred  in their clan gets mentioned, and finally, FINALLY, Sakura hears about the truth of the massacre for the first time and she finally gets to have her ‘oh’ moment concerning Sasuke, solidifying her complete faith in him again.


Please on all that is fucking holy. I don’ wanna get my hopes up but dammit, I can actually see this and how it could work tremendously. 

but why IS only one eye evolved into some stupid sharingan/rinnegan hybrid but not the other?

Anonymous asked: I'd imagine Obito is going to make the parallel of her to Rin or something. But that's as far as it'll go. Heck. I'd laugh my ass of if the encounter silences NS for good, depending on which direction the conversation goes. Despite his unhealthy character, he isn't deluded. He acknowledges that Rin loved Kakashi to the end.

How in the world could he make that comparison though? Just because she’s a medic and tried really hard to save her friend? That is such a broad thing and any decent person in the manga with the capability to use medical ninjutsu is going to do it. Other than this though, there’s nothing that ties gentle Rin to this woman who Obito just met. He gave her no regard until now, so this parallel would seriously come out of no where. 

Someone suggested that she take his eyes. Now THAT would be a pretty legitimate parallel, and one I could actually get behind because it’s an action tying the girls together without it punching us in the face like Kishi likes to do with this Naruto/Sasuke shit.. Rin took Obito’s eye and transplanted it into Kakashi. Maybe Sakura gets Obito’s eye (eyes?, IDK if he only had one of two atm I do no feel like looking) and somehow…. gives it to Sasuke? IDK only one of his eyes had the rineggan and I really don’t know how this could work, perhaps Sasuke gets injured in the eye and this will be Sakura’s way of saving Sasuke’s ass.

I went off on a tangent but I discovered that I really like this idea and I hope this happens. 

Anonymous asked: But Taka sucks. I'm glad Sasuke just left.

Their characters are all over the place, but I can see the potential which makes it all the more frustrating. Kishi just CAN’T do these relationships right. Some h’s really good at developing, but others is just like, ‘what??’ 

Like Sasuke seriously gave them no acknowledgment. I don’t like Taka either, but I don’t let that cloud my judegment on what would be some decent writing vs. what is obviously Kishi rushing through to get back to the plot. 

I’m just confused about them right now. They COULD get more time on screen, they SHOULD, since there was that whole ‘ohh does orochimaru want to possess his body again?’ matter, though for the life of me I can’t figure out where and how that’ll fit in at this point, but just the complete dismissal of taka right now is ridiculous. Why are they even there, then? What’s the point of them making this grand fight to get to Sasuke if he doesn’t even acknowledge it?