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Anonymous whispered:
I'm a little curious, but what do you think of the rebuttal (regarding songs about empowering thicker women while putting down skinny women) saying that it doesn't matter how "butthurt" it makes you feel since there's enough media glorifying skinny women to make up for it?

I think that’s bullshit. You shouldn’t have to make anyone feel bad about themselves in order to make yourself feel good. It doesn’t solve the issue, it just turns the tide onto another group of girls. Media does tend to glorify a certain type of woman, but it also bashes the hell out of women who are what they call too skinny too. There’s just no winning, really. 

I have seen plenty of people say hurtful things to skinny girls just as much as fat girls. Anorexic jokes, ‘eat a cheeseburger’ bullshit, the whole nine yards. It’s not right. Being ‘butthurt’ has nothing to do with it. Being told you’re not a ‘real woman’ because you don’t have curves is just fucking hurtful, and I have seen that insult thrown around way more than any fat joke, to tell you the truth. 

Instead of assholes saying people are just ‘butthurt’, how about just not insulting any body type? They can empower thicker women, or just people in general, without putting someone else down. That makes them look just as bad.


can we talk about this

I have yet to hear a song empowering thicker women that doesn’t also put down women who are skinny.

I mean I’m sure there’s one out there somewhere, but certainly not on the radio.

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haha i was so close to starting fairy tail but the fanservice had always been off-putting to me and someone (who used to keep up with it) strongly recommended i don't read it. would love to hear your thoughts once you get properly into it though!

awwww nooo not gross fanservice. Hopefully I can get through that. 

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Aw, Buffy..I watched back during its original run (showing my age here lol). Didn't finish it tho, stopped watching it a little after it moved from The WB network to UPN. The 1992 movie is enjoyable as well. I have a soft spot for it lol

 1992 movie? Is that like an original pilot or something???

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you're very, very pretty stef!!!

Thank you anon. Thank you : )

I was at a bridal shower so for once i had time to get all dolled up.

So who else on here watched buffy at all? There’s gotta be someone on here who does. C’mooooooon. 


*whispers* i started reading fairy tail *runs and hides*

Hair game strooooong
Since I finally have a phone I can actually take selfies
I promise not to be gratuitous with it : )





African barbie dolls

I wish I had these when I was younger


the dolls my future children are getting

I have that last one! But my mother refused to let me play with it because it was too pretty.

My auntie has one. she still in the box


Rough Translations for one of the final wrong ends in Corpse Party Blood Drive. There’s no way to explain it without spoilers so even the set-up will be under the cut this time. 

Same notes as before: Translations are not 100% accurate but I hope they’re enough to get the gist.

() - Used to describe what’s happening in a scene unless the scene description is apart of the actual dialog. 

[] - My notes/alternate translations.

Corpse Party Blood Drive Spoilers below cut! Mobile users take caution as cuts don’t work for you.

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I’m going to reblog this again because I actually have something to say about it, now that I think over it a bit. I keep coming back to this small moment in my head of Ayumi out of the blue mentioning that she thinks Yoshiki is funny. I actually think it’s one of the more important scenes when it comes to their relationship in blood drive. 

As much as I love the grand gestures, and as much as I enjoy watching Ayumi’s eyes (and heart) open as she realizes just how important Yoshiki’s presence is to her, all of that doesn’t have to be romantic love. For a while before the game came out, while I knew their relationship was going to have development, I was afraid they were going to portray it as Ayumi growing closer to him because of how much he’s done for her… and that’s it. That itself doesn’t really show to me that she likes all of him for him, not entirely. I didn’t want it to seem like her feelings grew entirely out of a dependency on him. 

I’m not really sure if I’m explaining this well enough, but I think it just means a lot that the first person Ayumi thinks of and wants to talk to her friends and teacher about is Yoshiki. Out of all the possible topics she could have brought up to her dead friends who she hasn’t seen in a while, Yoshiki is what comes to mind first, and not only that, but she randomly brings up something she likes about him. Like, there was no reason for this kid to be brought up at all, except to show the audience that he is on her mind in the best ways, even after being presented with what she’s been fighting for this whole time (at least, so she thought). 

I might have some disagreeing with me on this, but this was the moment that proved to me that by this point Ayumi was completely smitten with him. 


screenshot from blood drive :3c




one of the most beautiful sailor moons there

a pic from otakon! thank you ^.^


Ancient Egyptian funerary art found in the tombs and funerary temples of Thebes, Egypt.