Sasukarin is canon based on Sasuke’s design.


So apparently Sasuke’s clothing is similar to the sound 5’s. Karin, like the sound 5 and Sasuke were orochimaru’ s students so this proves that sasuke is with taka and karin and most likely karin’ s design would be similar. Desperate SK fans trying to make SK relevant again

It’s like they are not aware of the need for actual relationship development.


amusing that people say he’s most likely exploring the world with taka just because you can’t see his headband. because you know, the forehead is the only place you can wear a headband on. so I guess Tenten and Lee are exploring the world too.

Can’t believe people are still wishing for that. What does him going around the world with Taka accomplish for him, exactly? I mean, other than getting him away from Sakura, which we all know that’s what this is about. 

I think Sasuke’s rocking the neckless, personally.


..back to bed i go






Assassin’s Creed screams in the distance

someone write a youth fantasy novel about this damn thing


awww KakaSaku 

Anonymous whispered:
fuck you SS bitches! when karin gets out of her cacoon Sasuke will confess his eternal love for his Uzumaki soon to be Uchiha Queen. y'all gotta respect sasuke's feelings, its clear that he loves Karin and respects her greatly. he doesn't want to kiss Sakura's pussy.



This anon going around being purposefully gross like this makes it obvious it’s just someone just trying to start something. They don’t really go for SK or believe any of what they’re saying, they just wanna be annoying for the sake of it. 

i know the weather’s about to start changing drastically whenever my knees start bothering me

team future arthritis ftw



Seriously NaruSaku fans? Sakura didn’t even know that Sasuke was dying too. She CAN’T sense chakra. Unlike Karin, who can. How does this even prove canon? I’m laughing.

Wasn’t this “which one will I save first’ dialogue anime only?

Yes it was anime only. They make this girl retarded. If Sasuke was shown to still be a complete douche with no explanation, than Sakura would obviously save Naruto first, she wouldn’t even have to think about it. It would kill her to have to choose, but she would do it.

As things stand now, when things get settled with Sasuke, if Sakura is ever put into a situation where she has to save both of them, she will save both of them. She wouldn’t be mulling it over like a dunce.

I fucking hate the anime so much omg.


The progression of video games in a few decades.


How Sakura looks in the manga.

bangs begin to form.

How she looks in the anime.image
no bangs.



and this is why i prefer the manga over the anime. :(

it’s all about the smallest details.

all this anime on my dashboard THAT I DON’T WATCH

ngl i’d rather some ANS drama up in here

The panty shots in the blood drive prelude mini manga are fucking disgusting. I counted two but they are wildly inappropriate. 

I will never understand the need for them in this kind of genre. God damn perverted artists, the lot of them.


Here is the translation of the Special - Corpse Party: Blood Drive [Prequel] manga. This is the pre-order bonus that comes with Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Only the manga is translated, we have not translated the interview with Makoto Kedouin and Tomokazu Sugita.

You can view the manga here @

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Wait what happened?

Nothing bad, I just see it way too much on my dashboard and it is not a show I watch.