my mailbox said i had three messages but then they disappeared

so idk what happened, if anyone sent me anythign within the last hour i think tumblr might have ate it

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Sasuke is ok with karin rubbing her body against him :)

If that look translates to okay to you, sure.

You guys try really hard, I have to kind of admire the denial. He willingly catches Sakura in his arms, holds her against him, gives her a look that says a thousand and one things, yet you guys think Sasuke going stock still and looking mortified at the other girl means consent.

If Sasuke didn’t push KArin off it was because he was completely mind blown, and maybe even a little terrified.


The Last : Naruto the Movie  - Ikuzo !

why does he has bandages covering his left arm,? I wonder….


Happy birthday, Harry James Potter! July 31, 1980


Decided to go ahead and try translating the end of Corpse Party Blood Drive. I know that these are rough translations but there were a few things I haven’t seen people mention in their summaries of the end. I could be wrong about what’s being said but the actions and sounds of the game support the translations I’m getting at least to some degree.

Anyway, same warning as before: I’m not fluent so these are not 100% but hopefully enough to get the gist.

() - Used to describe scenes (Anything written in the text will not have these.)

[] - My notes/alternate translations

Once again, spoilers under the cut. Mobile users please heed the warning and be careful since cuts don’t work for you.

Corpse Party Blood Drive Finale Spoilers under the cut:

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actual dialogue in the game that made me cry

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I'm sad about this chapter, Sakura was only worried about Naruto and not about Sasuke, this pissed me off

You guys are insane. I’m sorry to say that, but seriously, you really think Kishimoto’s thought process goes like that? That by only making Sakura react to Naruto in that moment, that somehow means something more than what it is? There was nothing about Sasuke for her to worry over. Naruto had his usual passionate outburst, Sakura doesn’t like seeing him upset. Kishimoto has demonstrated time and again that she worries over Naruto. But in the same turn, he made it clear it is NOT from a romantic place.

With Sasuke, it’s a little more difficult for Sakura to react with worry, considering their circumstances and that there is NOTHING for her to be worried about at the moment when it comes to this kid. 

You tell NS not to read too much into anything, and I’m going to give you the same advice. Sakura is allowed to show care and concern for her friends. Stop sweating the small stuff. 


Some rough translations of Ayumi’s and Yoshiki’s dialog in chapter 4 of Blood Drive. I don’t consider mentioning that they have dialog together is a spoiler since I’m pretty sure everyone knows it’s inevitable. 

Once again, I’m using google translate and working it around until the gist of it is understandable but I’m sure it’s far from completely accurate. Translations under the cut. (Hopefully this is enough of a warning for moblie users since the cuts don’t work on mobile)

() - Describing something visual (Things described in the text won’t have these)

[] - My comments/alt. translations

Corpse Party Blood Drive spoilers beneath cut:

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im still way more for obisaku than obirin ngl

Duuude, Rin can watch over Obito and want him to succeed in his dreams without wanting to hop on his dick. Like, that is a thing.

It’s called friendship. 

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Apparently, you revert back to being a 13 year old kid when you go to the afterlife. Rin died at a young age, so it makes sense for her. Why is Obito puny again lol.

I guess you can end up the age you want to be? I don’t think it matters much. It probably would have looked weird if adult obito went with kid rin to hang out forever ya know. 

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So I'm guessing Sakura will never know the truth behind the massacre then? *sigh* figures, gave Kishi too much credit. At least Obito sort of acknowledged Sakura along with the other 2 dimwits.

Idk why you say that just because Obito’s not around anymore. Sasuke himself obviously is going to let her know at this point. The manga ain’t over yet, just chill.

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Did you see? Sakura gives three fucks about Sasuke. She is watching Naruto all the time :)

You guys really love to close your eyes to all the scenes between Sakura and Sasuke, don’t you? I really can’t wait for you people to be shut down for good, yall getting on my nerves with this ‘she cares about Naruto because she says his name!’ shit. 

also super glad sasuke basically gave obito the cold shoulder since he was WELL WITHIN HIS RIGHT

but i still wanted them to talk. WHYY does all of obitos final words have to be for naruto alone? Its kakashi who he was best friends with and sasuke he completely dicked over